Leia & Guinness

Leia (formerly Tootsie Roll and pictured above) and Guinness (formerly Bruce and pictured below) came to their new home in Bethesda, MD, and immediately took to their surroundings. Leia has discovered a fascination for television and likes to place herself in the best viewing position On the first night in her forever home, she watched an entire Star Wars movie which influenced her new owner to rename her Leia — she liked the light sabers! Both Guinness (or Guinny) and Leia have been so sweet and friendly to everyone they’ve met, and they just love to play and snuggle. Their new mom says she couldn’t have asked for more in two little kittens. She gives much thanks to PetConnect for their professionalism and especially to MJ for being such a wonderful foster mom and introducing her to these little guys.