Lil Ricky

Li’l Ricky now has a new family and canine sister Molly in N Potomac. They write, “He really is a sweetheart. He is funny about many things…he doesn’t trust his food bowls yet…he sneaks up cautiously and stretches way out on his tippy toes to reach them, occasionally bolting away for no apparent reason. When he wants to jump up on the couch or chair to be with us, he launches himself from a standstill about 3 feet away…he appears to fly up and land…he is so funny!He likes to have a towel in his bed to burrow under while he sleeps. We wake up and see just his little snoot poking out from under the towel. It’s great to see him wagging his tail and turning little 360 spins because he is happy or excited about something or someone here. This will be his final stop…Ricky is home! We love him very much, he has stolen our hearts!”