Lucy, now Phoenix, is enjoying life to the fullest!  Her mom writes, “My husband and I wanted to give you an update on Phoenix (formerly Lucy)! She is sweet, high energy, playful and has earned herself the nickname Phoenix the Persistent! When we brought her home, our older dog Max was tolerant with her but not interested in playing or building a friendship, but she persisted lol! With time, lots of treats, walks together, training and love, I’m happy to report that Phoenix the persistent was successful in winning over Max! She enjoys playing in the backyard with our kids, Max and her puppy cousins. She has learned to play fetch, loves chewing (but does EXTREMELY well remembering to chew on her toys only) and was house trained within a week! She sleeps through the night and though we crate trained her, she’s done a phenomenal job of sleeping on her dog bed at night!  Thank you for connecting us to the missing piece in our family, Phoenix.”