Molly’s new mom writes: “Well, it’s official, we are in puppy love with Miss Molly! She’s spent her first day exploring the yard, taking a guided tour of the house, getting a pedicure (she let me clip her nails) and a nice brushing. She has decided that her favorite new toys are the ballerina frog that I chose and, Cody’s favorite, a mallard duck (I have to admit she favors the duck…just don’t tell Cody I said that!). After a nice walk, she decided that sunning on the front porch was her favorite thing to do! Now she’s finally sleeping on my lap, and every time she stirs to change positions, her tail starts wagging! So sweet! I think she’s just as happy as we are! I attached a picture from my phone. I’ll send better photos soon. Thank you and your entire team for bringing such joy into our life! Molly already seems to know that she has us wrapped around her tail! “