Dancer, now known as Sophie, was adopted in December 2009. One year later, her mom wrote: “It was last year on Christmas Eve that we drove from our home in Washington County, MD down to the Potomac area to meet Dancer to see if we wanted to adopt her. Poor thing was very scared. She had demodex that needed to be treated. On the ride home, she was shaking while I held her on my lap as my husband drove. We renamed her Sophie. She was very nervous and skiddish for the first month. Now one year later, she is a changed dog. Loud noises, wind and rain still make her nervous, but she has a wonderful personality. She is calm most of the time, enjoying laying on the sofa while you scratch her neck or rub her belly, but loves to run around the yard and protect us against the dangers of the butterflies and flies. She is very easy to train, knowing many commands. She fits in wonderfully with our family. She sleeps on our bed at night, sometimes up between us with her head on one of our pillows! I’m so glad that I found your organization. Cherie matched us up with Sophie and we feel like it’s the perfect fit. Not knowing her actual birthday, we have decided that Christmas Eve is it. So as we celebrate her 2nd birthday know that we love her completely and we feel the feeling is mutual.”