There’s an amazing bond between Thor, now “Q,” and his human “brother,” Valor!  From Q’s family:  Happy New Year!  Words can’t express how happy we are to have Q (named after a Star Trek character who is “all knowing”) as part of our family.  Valor and Q bonded immediately.  They enjoy playing with feathers, running around the house, and cuddling together.  Q sleeps by Valor’s side every single night.  It’s also heart-warming to see Valor gently stroke Q’s fur, smile, and say “He’s purring…. he loves me!”  This is especially noteworthy because Valor is a 12 year old boy with Autism and was non-verbal until only a couple of years ago.  This young kitty has made a VERY positive impact on Valor’s life.  Many thanks to PetConnect for helping this kitty and little boy truly connect.