Toast was our first Special Appeal dog who came to us with a knife wound in his side. His life has changed immensely, and his new mom writes: “Toast is GREAT! He is keeping us on our toes but seem to really be settling in nicely (as he sits at the back door covered in mud waiting to come inside)! He is my shadow and is slowly releasing his need to be beside me every minute. We have been to a private training session to help with separation and behavioral issues as to be expected with a transition like he experienced. We started regular training class this week and so far SIT, DOWN, and back to SIT are going well. He seems to learn very quickly. Our vet LOVES him as do the trainers at “school.” We are getting used to his puppy-like behaviors…the kids are better about putting toys away so they don’t get “Toasted!” And he is getting better every day. He ADORES the kids and they love him right back. Kate likes to snuggle him whenever possible and requests that he be in her room at night, generally he’ll stay until she falls asleep then scratches to get out. He also likes to sleep on Kyle’s bottom bunk. Each week his puppy like behaviors get better. He is a fabulous dog and is well loved, a member of the family already!”